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  1. Pacers suck at small ball

    Grigson and Bird should never be mentioned in the same sentence!   Yea, I can see it. His biggest mistake was firing Carlisle. Not sure what went down there, but I would love to know. 
  2. Pacers suck at small ball

    Yea, I saw that. He'll sober up when he realizes Ben Simmons isn't the next LeBron. 
  3. SCOUT: Bronson Kessinger

    Damn it! I thought we were going to have fun with the whole class basketball argument. haha... 
  4. SCOUT: Bronson Kessinger

    That's why I opposed class basketball at the time and still do.   But it wasn't just racial. It was the whole group of educators that have brought on the pussification of America. Our superintendent supported it, even though nobody else was for it. We were a successful small school who purposefully sought out city, and suburban, schools. She and a few non basketball fan teachers were the only people in the whole community who supported the vote for class basketball. 
  5. They can't out score anyone, and they can't defend, either.